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Jun 10, 2013

Father's Day "Fishing Bobber" Card, Coloring Page and Printable Dad Award

Happy Father's Day!
Free Bobber Clipart picture

Father's Day "Fishing Bobber" Card
Just print the black and white coloring page out and have the child color the bobber and give to their dad For Father's Day.

Here is a free printable fishing bobber card that is already colored for those who don't want to color.

Here is a free printable Dad Award. Just print out and have the child sign their name on the line and cut it out. Laminate if you want. Print on card stock if you don't laminate. However, regular printing paper will work fine.

 Snack Idea- just print the fishing bobber template out and cut the pictures out. Tape onto a ziplock bag filled with treats. You could put a cupcake in the ziplock bag and then let the child give it to their dad for Father's Day. You could use the template for other things like crafts as well.