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Jun 1, 2013

Rustic Wedding Supplies-Country Wedding Supplies, Rustic Wedding Decorations- Wood Wedding Centerpieces

 Baby's Breath With Cotton In Wooden Rustic Vase sitting on a very large wood slab.

 Rustic Centerpieces.

 Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

 Pink and Blue Wedding Centerpieces

 Purple Wedding Centerpieces

 Purple Wedding Centerpieces

 Red, White and blue Centerpieces

 Simple Country Wedding Centerpieces with unusual wood slab.

 Country Wedding Centerpieces

 Cotton and Baby's Breath Rustic Wood Flower Holder. This will not hold water.

 Rustic Wedding Flower Holder.

 Blue and Orange Wedding Centerpieces
 Wood Confetti Sprinkled on large wood slab

 Large wood piece for decoration for country wedding decorations.

 Rustic Wooden Wedding Ring Holder

Rustic Wood Wedding Ring Holder

 Rustic Wood Wedding Ring Holder

 Rustic Wedding Ring Holder

 Rustic Ring Bearer Pillow

 Wood Confetti

 Wood Confetti

 Wood Confetti

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