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Jul 3, 2013

Fourth Of July Crafts For Kids- Firecracker Lapbook For Sunday School- "Galatians 5:1 Christ Hath Made Us Free"

 Fourth Of July Craft Lapbook For Sunday School
Galatians 5:1- Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free...

Colored Folder
Crayons or Markers (f you print the black and white pages)
Printable Firework templates (printables below- Colored and Black and White)
Scissors- plain and decorative
Red Construction Paper
Brown Jute or Yarn (For firecracker)
Round Paper Punch (if you don't have one then just have the kids cut out a round yellow circle for the firecracker)

First pick which templates you need. If you want the kids to color the pictures then print the black and white ones. We also have colored templates if you don't have time for them to color. Have them color and cut out the mouse firework picture out and tape to the front of the folder. 

 On the inside of the folder you will need to have the kids cut a square of red construction paper out and roll it up like a firecracker. Just tape it to make it hold. Add some jute or brown yarn to the inside of the firecracker and tape that on the inside. Then add a yellow circle at the end of the jute or yarn for the fire part. If you don't have a hole punch just cut a circle out. Just tape the entire firework down on the folder on the left hand side. Have the kids color the small firework with the words that say, " Jesus died on a cross so we could go FREE! Praise The Lord! Glory To God In The Highest!" Have them tape that above the firework that the kids made.

For the right hand side of the folder just have them color and cut out the huge firecracker and tape that down. It has a scripture from Galatians 5:1 on it too.

 Printable Templates 
In Black and White And Colored- Pick which ones you need