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Jul 6, 2013

"Mouse Sweets" Mouse With Cotton Candy, Mouse With Cupcake, Mouse With Ice Cream Cone, Mouse With Donut, Mouse With Gumball, Mouse With Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mouse With Popcorn, Mouse With Cake, Mouse With Sucker

Mouse Sweets 

Go to my other website on and you can buy these through Paypal for commerical use and do what you want with them! You can add them to stuff and sell them! If you do not buy these then they are only available for personal use. You must purchase these in order to use them for commercial use.....

For personal use only. Do not sell these images. Do not add these to a clipart collection on a website. Great for school projects, church related activites, or at home use. Just copy and paste onto your papers, bulletins, crafts, or whatever you need them for. 

See more free clipart we offer. Go to Mouse Sweets Page on my other website and check the other free clipart images we offer.

 Mr. Mouse is hiding behind different foods. Pick the one you like and copy and paste.

 Mouse With Pink and Blue Cupcake Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Donut Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Cotton Candy Picture

 Mouse With Popcorn Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Chocolate Chip Cookie Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Gumball Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Slice Of Cake Clipart Picture

 Mouse With Ice Cream Cone Clipart Picture

Mouse With Sucker Clipart Picture

Mouse With #1 Birthday Cake Clipart Picture

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