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Aug 27, 2013

Fall Snacks For Sunday School Kids

Fall Snacks For Sunday school kids
Fall Snacks For Sunday School Kids 
Here a some fun ideas for fall snacks for the kids in Sunday school or Children's church. Make something and take it to church for them. We provide all the free templates you need to print out and just cut out.  

We also have Fall Sunday school lessons that come with matching materials to go with them!

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Aug 21, 2013

Fall Leaf Bible Snack For Kids in Sunday School or Children's Church- Fall Leaf Holding A Bible Cutout Template

Make up some cute fall leaf Bible snacks for the kids in Sunday school or children's church. Just print this leaf template out that you see below and cut them out. Tape the leaf to the front of a small plastic cup filled with snacks. By the way those are yellow banana marshmallows in case if you were wondering what was in the cup. You could mix popcorn with those and it would be perfect. Or do cereal...That's always a cheap one.
To print this template out: Just click on the picture and click view image. Then print from your own computer.

Fall Mini Booklet For Kids To Cut Out- Fall Leaves Holding Bibles- Fall Crafts For Sunday School

Fall Mini Booklet For Sunday School Or Children's Church

This mini booklet has different pictures of fall leaves and some are holding their Bibles. The kid will have fun making this cute little booklet during class time. Perfect for Fall Time!

Here is the printable template below: Just print and have the kids cut all the pictures out and staple them together on the side to make their fall mini booklet.

Printable Fall Award Of Recognition- Fall Leaf Holding Bible- Printable Fall Awards For Kids

Print this Fall Award of Recognition out and fill the information. Laminate if you want or you could always just print on card stock. Just click on picture and print from your own computer.

Jesus Is The Way Fall Doorknob Hanger- Fall Leaf Holding A Bible- Fall Cutout Crafts For Sunday School or Children's Church

This is a free printable doorknob hanger of a leaf holding a Bible. The words on it say, "Jesus is the way!"

To print, just click on the doorknob hanger and click view image and then print from your own computer.

Use this fall cut out craft for Sunday school, children's church or at home for fun.

Falling Into The Word Of God- Leaf With Bible Printable Doorknob Hanger For Sunday School Kids- Fall Crafts For Sunday School

This is a free printable doorknob hanger for kids to cut out. This has a picture of a Fall Leaf holding a Bible in his hands. Laminate if you want it to hold up better and last longer. Use this for Sunday school, children's church or even at home for fun. Just click on picture then click on view image with your mouse and then print from your own computer.

Fall Tree With Bible Printable Doorknob Hanger For Kids In Sunday School- Bible Doorknob Hangers- Fall Crafts For Sunday School

Print this Fall Doorknob Hanger out for the kids and have them cut it out. Laminate and hang on the doorknob at home. Use for Sunday school, children's church or at home for fun. This doorknob hanger has a picture of fall tree holding a Bible in it's hand and the words say, "Fall into a good book- THE BIBLE!"

To print just click on picture and click view image and then print from your own computer.

Aug 19, 2013

Fall Wedding Ideas- Pumpkin Wedding Ring Holder-Pumpkin Food Buffet Centerpieces-Wood Pumpkins For Sale

 Fall Pumpkin Buffet Centerpieces
By: Church House Woodworks "Rustic4Weddings"
(My husband and I) 

These wood cedar pumpkins are perfect for a fall wedding theme. The large pumpkin is sitting on a wood stump with two tiny pumpkins on each side. There are cinnamon streusel cupcakes in front of it sitting on a very large wood slice.  We sell all the pumpkins and the wood stump that the large pumpkin is elevated on in our Etsy store.

 I actually just added the words,"TAKE ONE" to the front of this pumpkin to show you what you it would look like if you added words. You can use a sharpie marker or if you have a silhouette machine that makes sticker words then you do that.

 I took a black sharpie marker and actually wrote the word "BRIDE" on the front of this pumpkin Wedding Ring Holder. I just tied some jute with the wedding ring around the stem of the pumpkin. We also sell the candle holders you see in the picture. We sell lots of wood stuff! lol

These pupmkin decorations would make a beautiful fall table setting. Go straight to our Etsy store to buy them now! These items are perfect for anyone having a Fall Wedding theme. The small pumpkins are for sale as well however they are listed in our store as table numbers that have been stamped on the front. Just message us in our store and tell us what you need and how many and if you would like the tiny pumpkin without numbers on them. We do custom orders. These pumpkins are made of cedar wood and painted orange to resemble a pumpkin.

Aug 17, 2013

Fall Leaves With Bibles Clipart

Orange Fall Leaf With Bible Clipart

Yellow Fall Leaf With Bible Clipart

Fall Tree With Bible Clipart

Red Fall Leaf With Bible Clipart

See more Fall Clipart

Fall Sunday School Lessons

Pumpkin Table Numbers For Fall Wedding Themes-Centerpiece Decorations For Table Settings

Do you have a fall wedding coming up? Check out thee adorable Pumpkin Table Numbers. Buy as many as you need or customize it and leave the numbers off to make cute centerpiece decorations for a table setting. These are handmade by husband. These are cedar wood pumpkins. You won't find any like this floating around on the internet...We already checked. Grab them up while you can!

Buy these now in our Etsy Shop we were sell lots of woodwork stuff!

Aug 15, 2013

Rustic Safari Wedding Candle Stands and Holders- Zebra, Giraffe, Leopard, Cheetah, Tiger, Animal Print Safari Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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Check out our other website at If your planning a safari wedding then check out this webpage on our other site. We sell these candle holders made from real wood in our Church House Woodworks Etsy Shop. Use in candy buffets or as centerpieces.Candles are not for sale, only the tree stumps are for sale.

We also offer the candle holders that have two holes drilled out of them like you see in the pictures below:
Candle Holder With Two Holes Drilled Out-Buy It Now