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Jul 24, 2014

Gingerbread Cookie Printable Cutout Template Recipe Decoration For Kitchen Cabinet Door

Okay here is something fun for you to do with the inside of your kitchen cabinets. I drew a gingerbread cartoon picture and added the word RECIPES on it and printed it out. I cut the picture out and added some tape to the back of it and stuck it on the inside of my cabinet door. As you can tell from the picture it has my recipes books in them. Including the ones for my doggy.  I would suggest laminating this if you want it to hold up better. I just didn't feel like digging my laminator out. I would suggest doing a search online for a cute cartoon picture of something you like and perhaps something that might fit into your favorite kitchen theme. If your into Pillsbury Doughboy or something try finding a cute cartoon picture of him and then just print, cut and laminate. If you have kids or grand-kids make something fun to put on the inside of your cabinet for them. Maybe a cute cookie jar and some cookies that say's COOKIES AT GRANDMAS IS ALWAYS THE BEST! And try stuffing the cabinet full of sweet cookie treats for the grand-kids when they come's just a thought. Kids love stuff like that.  I'm going to leave the non laminated gingerbread up on the inside of my cabinet and see how long it makes it. I like it! lol Especially that tooth I drew on him. What is it with the one tooth sticking out on cartoons that I like so much?!? Funny, because my dog has one tooth that sticks out like that. hahah Maybe that it why I think he is just too adorable...
Off the subject, but you can almost see a hint of the Mouse Cookies: 10 Easy To Make Cookie Recipes With A Story And Pictures book. MY KIDS LITERALLY could  not get enough of this book. They would go to the cabinets and pull this book out and follow the easy directions to make peanut butter cookies in it. My son who is now a teenager still gets this book out and uses it. (He would not be very happy if he knew I told that) lol I think it's cute though. If you have small children I highly recommend getting this mouse recipe book. I promise you that they will prob always remember this book because of how cute it is. I linked the book to where you can buy it in Amazon. 

And here is what the book looks like. As you can see, it has bite marks at the top of the book. I don't know which of my 3 kids did it but one of them decided to try to eat the mouse cookies book. 

Here's a nice little close up of the poor little chewed on book. Must have tasted good to them. lol

I took a picture of some of the mouse cartoon art that is inside of the book. How cute is that little mouse! Look at him go!

Here he is mixing up some stuff!

And one more...Here he is with cookies on a cookie sheet. It's a must have in your household if you don't have it. Too adorable!

 Okay so back to the printable templates again. Here is the colored version of what you see in the first picture of this blog post. This is the one I actually cut out and taped to the inside of my cabinets. This will fill an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. So it's pretty large.

Here is black and white one. Just add some color to it if you want different colors or print it out and let the kids color it for fun. 

Here is a gingerbread template that you can add your own words.

Here is a black and white gingerbread template.
You can also try using the gingerbread clipart I drew to add to your recipe cards for fun.