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Jul 19, 2014

Gumball Printable Templates- Alphabet, Names, Numbers, Kindergarten Cubby Ideas, Birthday Food, Supplies, Glue, Yarn, Beads, Etc- DIY Cutout Gumballs



I made a ton of free printable Gumball templates for you to use. There is 5 gumballs on each page. These gumballs will print to fit an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. These would be great to use in your classroom with your kindergarten, preschool, or headstart kids. I made some blank gumball templates so you can open the image up in your PAINT program and type your kids names on them to use for a cubby idea in your classroom. Or use a sharpie marker and write their name on it instead. Laminate them afterwards to make sure they hold up. 

I also made templates with numbers, alphabet, food, kids names, supplies like glue, crayons, etc. Just pick out what you need and PRINT! lol  

These are funny little gumball characters will a cute little buckteeth hanging out. There is so many different things you can do with these gumball templates. Try using them in your kids birthday party. Just turn them into food card displays. I made a template down below that has words on it like cake, ice cream candy, etc. Try sticking them gumballs to containers filled with food or add to blank food label cards. Skies the limit with these cute gumballs. If you have an ADOBE program then just open the black and white gumball template in there and try adding your own color theme to it to fit your needs. 

Here is the printable blank gumball template that you can open up in ADOBE Photoshop if you have one and fill with your own color theme. Try typing your own message or words on them gumballs. You can use different kinds of style of text to make it more fun for your event. 

Here is some colored gumballs that are blank for you to print. 
Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Orange.

Gumball Printable

Here is some lighter colored gumballs. 

Alphabet gumballs 
A B C D E Printable Template

Alphabet Gumballs
 F G H I J Printable Template

Alphabet Gumballs
 K L M N O printable template

Alphabet Gumballs
 P Q R S T Printable Template

Alphabet Gumballs
 U V W X Y Printable Template

Alphabet Gumballs Z Exclamation Point, Question Mark, 
Amersand (And Sign) and Money Sign Printable Template

Gumball Template 

Gumball Template For Birthday Party or Fun Food Event for kids
Drinks, Chips, Dip, Forks, Spoons

Gumball Template Kids Names For Kindergarten Cubby Ideas
Leah, John, Sarah, Allison, Becky

This is just an idea of what you can do. To make your own kindergarten kids names on these just SAVE IMAGE on the blank colored gumballs up above and open it up in the PAINT program on your computer. Then just type the names of the children on each gumball. Or if you want to make it easier just use a sharpie marker. Then make sure you laminate afterwards so they will hold up. 

Gumball Numbers Printable Template
1 2 3 4 5

Gumball Numbers Printable Template
6 7 8 9 10

Gumball Supplies Printable Template for Organization
Glue, Pencils, Crayons, Paper, Scissors

Gumball Party Printable Template
Punch, Cake, Ice Cream, Treats, Candy