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Jul 26, 2014

Hamburger Printable Cutout Template For Sunday School Kids- With and Without Words "Fill Up On God's Word" Craft Or Bulletin Board Idea

Hamburger Cutout Printable Craft For Kids

 I made a free printable cutout template of a Hamburger that comes with and without words on it. And colored or black and white so the kids can color it. Great for Sunday school or Children's Church.

If you need  one without words to make a bulletin board at school then these will work perfect too! They are large printables that will fill an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. You can laminate these images so they will hold up better.You can make a prayer bulletin board with these in your Sunday school class and just print the Lettuce Pray And Not Romaine Silent template off along with the burger and just pin it to your bulletin board. Have the kids write their prayer request on the lettuce leaf under the words. If they don't want everyone to know their prayer request just have them write the word "PERSONAL" on it.

Hamburger Printable Template With Words
Fill Up On God's Word

Hamburger Printable Template
No Words

Hamburger Black and White
With Words
Fill Up On God's Word

Hamburger Black and White Printable Template
No Words

Lettuce Printables No Words

Lettuce Printable Template With words
Lettuce Pray And Not Romaine Silent

Black and White Lettuce Printable