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Nov 23, 2014

Christmas Snowman Cut Out Craft For Kids In Sunday School Class, Children's Church Or At Home For Fun

Here is a simple and very adorable Christmas snowman cut out craft for small kids that you can use for Sunday school class, children's church or just at home for fun. Pick which template you need down below and print it out. Color the snowman buttons, carrot nose, and his smile. Then cut it out and fold where the snowman heads meet. Then fold the tabs together and tape. This will make the snowman to stand up on it's own. I made the one you see in the picture out of regular printing paper. If you use card stock it will be more sturdy.

Above template is the smaller snowman. This is the one I printed that is shown in the picture at the very top. This template will make a small snowman. 

This template above is a very large cut out snowman that fills an entire 8.5x11 sheet of paper. You will need to print this one out on card stock so that it will stand up right. 

Nov 5, 2014

I'm Thankful That Jesus Died On A Cross For My Sins- Turkey Thanksgiving Cutout Craft For Sunday School

I'm Thankful That Jesus Died On A Cross For My Sins

This is a free printable cutout turkey activity craft for kids in Sunday school or children's church. Just pick the template you need and print it out. Have the kids color the turkey picture first and then cut it out. Then have them glue or tape down to construction paper. And that's it! This is an easy craft for small children.