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Dec 26, 2014

DIY Birthday Blog- DIY Woodland Party Display Idea, 3D Snowcone Card, Popcorn Card

DIY Birthday Blog 

Go check out these cute DIY birthday ideas for cards, snacks, and more. From Woodland Party Dessert ideas to 3D Snowcone Cards. These are very cute and easy ideas to make your Birthday Party a blast. Simple and cheap ideas to make fun birthday projects. 

Woodland Birthday Party Theme Dessert Idea DIY Birthday Blog
Here is a Woodland Party Dessert Idea. If you like wood slices and sweets then you must check this out. This is a really adorable wood display for your Woodland Party for your child. Go to to see how to do it. 

3D Snowcone Mouse Card by DIY Birthday Blog
Here is a cute 3D Snowcone Card that you can make just using some sytrofoam balls and spay paint. I think these snowcones are way cute. You can try making these for a fun birthday card or make them as a display to prop next to the snowcones for a party. 

Popcorn Card With Mouse- DIY Birthday Blog
Here is a popcorn card. Make a diy popcorn card featuring a cute little mouse eating popcorn. The directions on how to do this is over at

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