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Aug 22, 2014

DIY Mason Jar Frosting Lid Craft- How To Make Fake Frosting For Crafts

(This is on my website. This is my other website.)
Go to my other site to see the step by step instruction on how to make this. We even sell the little candies to put in the frosting in my Etsy Shop. Keep in mind that in our Etsy shop we have different category's on the left hand side so you can click on that to see what else we offer. 

 This is a DIY Mason Jar Frosting Lid. I LOVED making this for my daughter. It's really simple and easy to make. If you can use a frosting bag and pipe frosting for cakes then you can do this. This small mason jar can hold anything you want to put in it. Pony tail holders, tacks, crayons, jewelry, lipgloss, etc. Just put whatever you want in it. It will take some time to dry though before you can actually use it. You add this fake frosting to so many different things. Try adding it to a wooden picture frame and apply the fake frosting all around it. Then just stick some decorations in the wet frosting and let dry. This will set up and harden into a rubbery feeling hardness. Not a crusty flake off hardness like some others out there. This kind is PERFECT for making fake frosting. So head over to my other website at Glitter Lambs and go check it out so you can see how to make one for yourself!!!

DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party Food Card Ideas For Kids- Unicorn Horns It's So Fluffy, Poofy Dresses Gruzinkerbell, Gru and Lucy's Wedding Rings, Vector's Orange Jumpsuits

 This is a DIY Despicable Me Birthday Party Food Card Ideas For Kids. Go check it out. If your looking for some cute food ideas for your child's birthday party then you should try these out. Just go online and find your own pictures and make something cute too!!! 

Go to this page to see the rest of the Despicable Me birthday party food cards:

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Aug 10, 2014

Jesus Is "O" "FISH"-ally "FIN"tastic Cutout Craft For Kids In Sunday School or Childrens Church-With or Without Words

Jesus Is "O" "FISH"-ally "FIN"tastic! 
Cutout Craft for Kids in Sunday School

I made 4 different templates to choose from. With and without words. Colored or black and white. Just pick the one you need and print out. Just have the kids color the page and then cut the fish out. I made a template with no words so you can add your own. 

Aug 9, 2014

Sick Dog With Thermometer "Jesus Heals" Cutout Printable For Small Kids

Sick Dog "Jesus Heals" Cutout Printable For Small Kids

I made two different printables to print out. If you want the kids to color the picture just print the black and white one out. Just cut on the dotted line and glue on to colored construction paper. 

To print just click on one of the pictures and print from your own computer. 

Jesus Is SEW Awesome Cutout Printable Craft For Small Kids- Kitty Cat on Sewing Machine Activity For Children

Jesus Is SEW Awesome!

This is a free printable for kids to cut out. This is a kitty cat on a sewing machine. Just have the kids cut both pictures out and glue down on colored construction paper. A very simple and easy cutout craft for small children. 

To print....Just click on the picture and it will pull up a larger version. Then print from your own computer.