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May 23, 2011

Ideas for Bulletin Boards

We have a 4 X 12 bulletin board in our room. I decided to split the bulletin board and make two separate halves. I used the left side to put up my theme and the right side to hang the children's artwork papers. I plan on hanging up some photos that I took of them while they were working in class. I was going to add little word bubbles above their heads and have them saying some funny things.
 This picture is the 10 commandments that I bought from a christian store. They have lot's of different themes to choose from and I decided this would be a good one to go with. 

 This picture is of the children's artwork they have done in class. I wanted to post their work so they could be the shining stars of the bulletin board.

I got a close up picture so you could see what they did. We have the Ice Cream Lesson that we covered and they made the little Ice Cream Cone Picture Frame and glued large popsicle sticks around the picture to frame it. The Mother's Day Flower Cut Out Picture was the Mother's Day Lesson and the Cross was from the Easter Lesson. The kids love to see their artwork displayed.

We will post more ideas as time goes on and I get them changed out.